Acquiring this artwork

A limited number of the panel "Inside Out: Faces of Self" are available for purchase by public institutions and other venues to promote an ongoing dialogue about diversity and creativity in the community or workplace. Fifity percent of all proceeds after costs will be donated to the nonprofits participating in the project.

Installation details

"Inside Out: Faces of Self," may be produced, as a color coupler or "C" print, as two panels 6'(H) x 10' (W) to create the full 6'(H) x 20'(W) sized print, or, as a single panel of a 3'(H) x 10'(W) sized print, or may be customized to suit your space requirements.

Price: 6' x 20': $7,500 (#1 - 2 in a limited edition of 7)
Price: 3' x 10': $3,000 (#1 - 3 in a limited edition of 10)
Price of custom sizes to be determined.

The photographic panels are presented laminated and face-mounted to Plexiglas for either wall mounting or suspension. Framing and installation costs are not included in the purchase price of the panels.

The purchase price of the panels includes up to 5 hours of the artists time to oversee the framing and installation at the final venue. Travel costs outside of the State of Minnesota are not included.

Further details on request

Contact Info

If you would like further information about this project, its purchase or exhibition, or would like to contact me regarding a future community art project idea, please contact me at:

Minnesota Center for Photography, Feb. 2008


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