Artist Biography

Barbara Cummard is an award winning English photographer and visual artist, who has lived in Minnesota for the last 16 years. She has worked extensively as a designer and producer of community art projects which have included a 20 foot mural, a sculpture garden made from collected driftwood, a giant web strung between poles, and a dream room.

She has used her photography as a tool to enter worlds that might otherwise be inaccessible, to question the underlying essence of what is there, and to further explore what it is to be fully human. The veiling/unveiling or the shedding of outward appearance has been an integral part of a number of projects that have included explorations of gender and tattoo cultures. In this her latest project, Inside Out: Faces of Self, she combines her collaborative approach with mask making and photography to create a composited photographic mural that stretches across 20 feet of wall space.


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